International Health plan for Expatriates

Being an International company or SME, whatever your size, let us help you protect your employees’ health and security in any country with our international group plans.

A dedicated offer to protect your expat across the World

We provide a wide range of solutions for all your employees’ insurance needs : medical care, repatriation, crisis management (threats, extortions, kidnapping, ransom demands) as well as life and disability international pension plans.

A solution for all your expatriates

Our solutions enable companies to meet all the health insurance needs of its staff including expats, staff working abroad on a short term basis, locals and TCNs whatever their nationality.

Products and Services for Employers and Companies

We help those we serve to improve their health, well-being and sense of security. To support our mission we have assembled the most comprehensive group of insurances, related products and services.

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Large companies and SME are experiencing new challenges in terms of health protection. The profiles of their local and international employees are changing while operational costs are increasing. Companies also face a growing need for being able to attract and retain the best employees whatever their location or assignment (HQ or across the world) as well as managing political, economical and social changes.

Worldwide health insurance for your employees

An international and complete medical coverage from the first €uro. Reimbursement of inpatient  treatment, hospital room charges, doctor’s fees (generalist, specialist), childbirth, vaccinations, medical checks, health & wellbeing services… When you manage employees working outside of their home country we can help you make sure they are at their best.

Worldwide access to health care

Your employees are free to select the provider of their choice. You can also rely on our partner network to provide high quality care, direct payment agreements and lower health care costs. This international network is continually monitored and updated.

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Medical and security evacuation and repatriation

Manage emergency situations in hostile environments and provide responses to unexpected situations. By using the best means of transport and under the supervision of our partner’s specialists and medical staff the safe return of your employee and family.

International Pension Plan

The International Pension Plan (IPP) offers multinational organizations a flexible, tailored, cost- effective solution that is an essential part of a reward package for mobile employees, whatever their nationality and location.

Innovative services for your employees and your organisation

Claim forms sent by email are treated within 48 hours, multilingual help line staff is available 24/7 to handle your members‘policy enquiries, available in 6 languages : French, English, German, Italian, Portugese and Spanish. Secure on line services to modify your account details, download your policy documents, check the status of a claim, issue a report or access a wealth of member assistance resources, anytime, anywhere.

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Prevention risks management

The concept that all employers have a legal duty to exercise reasonable care in providing a safe workplace is not new. Companies of all sizes are now faced with managing a variety of security risks. We provide services to prepare, inform and protect your employees in case of crisis : threats, express kidnapping, ransom demands… Our partners will assist you while providing financial protection for your company.


AFRICA CARE is a health insurance for your entire team in Africa : locals, expats or internationals: We are offering a global solution for all your contries. Choose your liability in order to put in place a simple and efficient solution in the entire continent.

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Discover our group plan for businesses

We have products and services that fit your business : AMBRELIA is focused on improving health, well-being and sense of security for your staff, wherever they go in the world and whatever their nationalities. Benefits and services are specifically tailored for international employees, locals and expatriates.