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Everything you need to know about Affinity Health plan

What is the Affinity Health plan ?

The Affinity Health plan is an international medical plan for employees leaving their IGO Health Plan. This plan is supported by an association, INTERCOVER and is managed by AMBRELIA as medical insurance broker.

The Affinity Health plan is a tailored solution, designed with Allianz Partners. It offers a seamless approach to beneficiaries of the current health plan who can no longer benefit from the IGO medical coverage.

The plan provides a comprehensive medical coverage:

  • Inpatient
  • Outpatient
  • Maternity
  • Dental & Optical
  • International Medical evacuation

We are proposing severals levels of coverage :

  • Core plan (3 options)
  • Outpatient (3 options)
  • Maternity (2 options)
  • Dental (2 options)
  • Repatriation plan as an option

In order to provide a competitive range of pricing, we are offering three differents areas of coverage. You will choose the region depending on your situation :

  • Worldwide, including USA*
  • Worldwide, excluding USA
  • Africa

*However, these coverages do not apply to US citizens residing in the USA.

Who can be covered?

In terms of eligibility, all former beneficiaries of your organization’s health plan, i.e. employees and their dependents, can subscribe to the Affinity health plan. These include:

  • Leaving agents
  • Spouses and children who are no longer dependents under your IGO regulations
  • Temporary staff

The only condition is to have at least 6 months of anteriority in the organization Health Benefits plan at the time of subscription to the Affinity Health Plan. The subscription must be done before the age of 65 years old and the coverage will end at the age of 70 years old.

For any questions :