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Protecting your Local staff members

Most of international NGOs don’t offer Medical insurance for their local and national staff. This situation looks strange regards to the mission and the philosophy of International NGOs.

Furthermore, in case of accident, it may produce some ethical, moral and legal issues, without considering image and reputation…

However, the situation is changing. Some NGOs better considere their national staff and aid workers are becoming increasingly concerned about whether their employers are providing adequate protection and insurance.

This is now a priority for many international NGOs, at least setting up a local health coverage.

Furthermore, it does exist today some innovative insurance solutions. The cost is no longer an issue (of course you still need a budget) as some new Medical insurance for Local Staff are available.

Medical Insurance Plan for Local Staff

Our Medical Insurance Plan is a plan for locally recruited staff (anywhere in the world) and their eligible dependants (husband/spouse & children).

We provide a Core cover, In-patient (Surgical fees, hospital accomodation, prescription drugs, diagnostic tests,…) and some options such as :

  • Out-patient plan : Medical practitioner and specialits fees, prescription drugs, acupuncture, chiropractic, osteopathy
  • Maternity plan : Routine maternity, Complications of pregnancy and childbirth
  • Dental & Optical plan : Dental treatment and surgery, Prescribed glasses and contact lenses
  • Evacuation plan : Medical evacuation, where treatment is not available locally

Our plan provides easy access to health care and Direct billing in many hospitals and clinics accross the world. Digital services are available too, such as : quick and easy claims submission by email or by mobile application (see an example), electronic documents, 24/7 support, etc.

Medical Insurance Plan is designed and priced for local use and does not provide worldwide coverage. You can select one country or a region (Africa or Asia) according to your local staff localisation and country of operations.

As exemples, Premiums start from 250€ per year for a single person, 670€ per year for a family with the Core cover. The budget will be higher with additional options (see below).


In complement to Medical Insurance Plan

We provide additional covers to broaden your plan :

Life and disability insurance : The Life cover benefit offers financial protection to your employee’s dependants in the unfortunate event of your employee’s death (or his/her spouse’s death). You can choose a sum to protect their financial future (from 10 000€/USD to 150 000€/USD)

Temporary incapacity : If your employee is unable to work for a period of time due to an illness or an accident, the Temporary incapacity cover can guarantee a fixed monthly allowance.

After a waiting period, between 30 days and 90 days, the employee will receive a monthly allowance

The maximum monthly allowance is 80% of the gross monthly salary. The monthly allowance will be paid out during a maximum period of 24 months.

If the employee is still unable to resume work after 2 years, the Permanent disability insurance can offer a solution.

Permanent disability : The Permanent disability insurance guarantees a monthly allowance if your employee is unable to resume work due to an accident or illness (after two years of Temporary incapacity).


Security evacuation & kidnap and ransomWhen your national staff employees face critical situations : extorsion, kidnapping, threats,… Then guaranteeing their safety is vital. This “K&R” insurance allows to provide assistance and financial protection to your staff and your organisation.

This cover will help to reach your oligation of Duty of Care to your staff.

Your Medical insurance plan can be supplemented with some additional covers, enabling you to create the insurance plan that best suits the specific needs of your national employees.

Medical insurance should be provided to local staff to reduce the liability of your organization in case of major incident and let staff know that your organization is focused on the health care and security of local staff.

Medical insurance is the most important tool for your organisation. It gives staff peace of mind for themselves and their families should anything go wrong. Your local staff will feel more comfortable working for an organization that has a good insurance policy.

At least, in case of incident, you will avoid legal, financial and reputation issues by providing a comprehensive insurance policy to any workers of any nationality in your organisation.

For more details or for a quote, please contact us :