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At Ambrelia, CSR commitment is carried by the whole team!

Our “raison d’être” is to advise, monitor and support our clients in protecting their employees on international missions. We want to create a unique bond with our customers, to establish a caring and lasting relationship. Our aim is to ensure that all our customers’ employees and expatriates, particularly humanitarian organisations, have health, life, disability and security cover abroad, that is adapted to their needs and to the contexts – sometimes difficult – in which they work.

Ever since Ambrelia was founded, the company’s director, Stéphane Lorey, has been committed to developing strong sustainable development values, in terms of the working environment, employee well-being and ecology. For Stéphane, these values are enriched by the individual convictions and experience of each of the employees who make up his team. The Ambrelia team has realised in recent years that the values and actions advocated by CSR were already being applied implicitly.

As a result, we feel it is now important to formalise this approach so that we can improve the good practices we are implementing, develop those we might be missing and communicate them to make them visible to all our partners. With this approach, we hope to inspire the people we work with on a daily basis and encourage them to follow the same path.

In a proactive approach, started in 2022, and with a will of constant progress, Ambrelia deploys its CSR policy by relying on the commitment of all its employees and with the help of its customers and all its stakeholders.

After analysing Ambrelia’s challenges in relation to the expectations and needs of its team and stakeholders, we have selected the following key areas of our CSR approach.

Our CSR commitments :

  • To promote the satisfaction of our customers and to remain attentive to their expectations, needs and remarks in a spirit of continuous improvement.
  • To act with integrity and adopt the highest standards of ethical behaviour.
  • To respect business laws and fight against any abusive practice and any form of corruption, money laundering and unfair competition
  • To respect the customer charter (confidentiality, internal regulations, RGPD, …).
  • To respect our partners and improve exchanges.
  • To fight against economic dependence.
  • To ensure the quality of life at work and promote well-being at work.
  • To fight against all forms of discrimination in hiring, remuneration and career development.
  • To apply and promote respect for human rights both within the company and with our partners and customers.
  • To minimise our environmental impact by promoting zero paper and renting WELL CERTIFIED GOLD certified premises.
  • To promote good CSR policy and sustainable practices.
  • To encourage and accompany our collaborating companies to commit to CSR.
  • To support and get involved in the development and actions (charitable, innovative, social, etc.) of our clients.
  • Supporting associative projects and events whose values and objectives we hold dear.
  • Play a civic role by supporting civil society and contributing to local development.

Our objectives, indicators and improvement plan structure our responsible approach. Periodically, Ambrelia analyses this policy and its progress and reviews its objectives and action plan to continuously progress and promote its development.

All employees and partners working for and with Ambrelia are informed, involved and concerned by the approach.

Ambrelia listens to its stakeholders and invites them to share any new good practice suggestions. Integrity and common sense remain the best guarantors of compliance with the rules of deontology and ethics.

In may 2023, Ambrelia is proud to be awarded the AFNOR #EngagéRSE and #ResponsibilityEurope labels, based on the ISO 26000 standard !

This project was close to the hearts of the whole team, as obtaining this label reflects and confirms Ambrelia’s social and environmental commitments.
CSR is an essential challenge for all companies, whatever the size, and we’d be delighted to talk to anyone who has any questions on the subject.

Responsability Europe certification

For any questions about our CSR policy :